Sunday, August 15, 2010

Too stinkin' hot!

I am so tired of this stinkin' hot weather! Mom takes me out, but I don't want to play in this weather. Yesterday we did a demo at the Scioto Juvenile Correctional Facility. It was fun to be around my friends, but shooo-weee was it hot. There were 2 demos. One for the boys and one for the girls. The girls were much more excited about us being there than the boys. Go figure, bol! I got petted by a bunch of nice people. One boy said that I reminded him of his own dog. I thought that was neat. After it was over, I took a long nap. Mom did, too. I curled up on the bed with her. :)

Now I'm off to chill on my comfy bed...

Friday, August 6, 2010

Friday fun...

I got to go to run-thrus tonight. I had SO much fun and mom was so proud of me. I found out, too, that I get to see my buddies on Monday nights now. I guess my agility class moved from Wednesday's to Monday's. Mom said that's because I moved up a level. My friends Granger and Darby are in my class. Yay!
My jump height card came in the mail today... mom says that's a good thing. She told me that I'm going to get to play at another trial in October. Cooool!! I love agility. It's sooo much fun!
I also got to play with the neighborhood kids for a whole hour today. That was a lot of fun. They threw my toys for me and even chased me around the yard!
Oh!! I almost forgot! When I was at grandma's house yesterday, there was a cat in the backyard and mom let me chase it!! I almost got it had that hole in the fence not been there. I'll get that cat next time! When it was time to go home, I caught its scent and tracked it along the fence. Mom frustrated me and wouldn't let me track the cat long enough to get it. Grr. She said I could chase it the next time it came around, though. Yay!
I think that's it for now...