Sunday, January 16, 2011

Dog Park

Mom took me to the dog park yesterday. I found out some bad news about a fur buddy of mine. I was wondering why I couldn't play with him and I found out it is because he can't see anymore. Mom told me he has something called Retinal Atrophy. I don't know what that is, but it sounds bad. He is doing well, though, and he told me that his training is going really well. :)

On a good note, I found another furry friend to play with. Her name is Lila. We chased each other and wrestled. It was SO much fun!! I'm so glad my mom took me there. I haven't been there in a long time.
Thanks mom!! :)


  1. My girl Cisco went blind. You can still play, you just have to be careful!

    We are glad you found a new friend.


  2. We think you will be able to play with your blind friend soon after he gets used to everything. We had a Cocker Spaniel years ago that went blind at the age of 8 but he was a rocket for many years after that and lived well past 16 years old! He loved to play but we had to be careful where we put him. Once he ran down a hill at record speeds and ran right into a telephone pole...ouch. That's when we realized he had gone totally blind. He used his nose after that to get around and didn't run quite as fast! Lots of love, Holly and mom

  3. Mom says her furst Sibe went blind due to diabetes in her last years but she khould still walk and play -


  4. Love the new look of your blog Zoey! Very cute.

    Oh I know the pup that has the problem? That is SO sad. :(

  5. Hi Sagira,
    No, it isn't a pup that you know. This is a friend I made when mom worked at the doggy daycare. It is sad, but he is doing well.
    Oh, and thanks for liking the new look. :)
    Paws & Slobbers,