Thursday, June 17, 2010

Agility class

Last night I had agility class. I love that class. My friend Turbo is in my class. I had to laugh because Turbo was giving his mommy a hard time. He was being very ornery. I did pretty well because I was having a good time. Mom made me go through the weave poles last night. Weaves are boring. Does she really expect me to go through them quickly. I'd like to see her do them, LOL!

Mom says we are going to grandma's today. So happy! I love my grandma. She has a back yard for me to play in. Mommy and I don't have one. I guess it's because we live in an apartment.

Oooo, mom said it's breakfast time! *slobber*


  1. You can come play in my backyard sometime. But you will have to watch out for poop! :)

  2. Sam's not fond fo the weave poles either, although he will do them, he likes the tunnel and jumps better!


  3. Hi, Zoey!
    Sure you had a great time at your agility class.
    I can imagine Turbo there!
    I hope you had a pawesome time at your Grandma's house!
    I don't have a yard either!! Hmmm....
    Kisses and hugs

  4. I wouldn't want to go through weaves either and I know mom couldn't even do it if she tried!! We hope you had love lots of fun at Grandma's house!! Lots of love, Holly and mom