Sunday, June 13, 2010

Lazy Saturday

Today was such a boring day. It rained a lot and was way too icky out to play much. I did get to play with a few neighborhood kids today. They are fun. They like to throw the ball for me and chase me around the courtyard. I LOVE playing chase!

This evening mom took me to her friend Stacey's house to watch movies. I love Stacey's house. She has a really comfy couch that I like to lay on. She also has cats! After we got back from a trip to Dairy Queen, I ran into the house and what do I see?... a cat! I must have scared it half to death because she hissed at me and arched her back and turned into a fluffball. Mom made me get away from her. All I wanted to do was play, but I guess I'm too scary for Stacey's cat.

Now I'm sleepy and am going to go to bed. Mom got me a new bed for my crate. So comfy!


  1. You don't chase the cats? I like to chase the cats at my house sometimes.

  2. Hi Zoey!

    Sagira sent me to paw HI!

    I would love to chase the khats BUT the darned leash and/or tether stops me!


  3. Hi Zoey, Sagira sent me over to say hello and well here I am!! I can't wait to her more about your adventures! Please feel free to stop and sniff around my bloggie! I have a contest going on!

    PS: don't feel bad, Kitties dont really like me either!!

  4. Hi Zoey!! Sagira said you had a new blog and I wanted to say hello! I sure know how you feel about cats hissing at you. Mom has two cats and I just want to play and they either hit at me or hiss like crazy with wild looking eyes!! I'm a bit scared of them!!! Lots of love, Holly and her mom Debbie

  5. Hi, Zoey!
    Sagira told us about your blog and I wanted to come and say hello!
    Kitties are fun... but sometimes they don't like to play with us! Hmmm....
    Kisses and hugs