Sunday, June 13, 2010

Park Adventure Turns To Bath Adventure

Mom took me to the park today. I got to run through the prairie, which I love to do. I love the smells of the different animals, and I like to look for the bunnies. I was exploring the tall grass when suddenly I smelled something wonderful! The smell was so amazing I just had to roll myself in it. As I was rolling, I suddenly hear mom yelling "NOOOOOOO, get up!!!" But why mom, why? The smell is wonderful, can't you smell it? Not only did she yell at me, she wiped the black stuff off of my face. Then, to my horror, she threatened me with a bath!! I didn't think she would actually do it because we didn't go to the pet store, we went to grandma's. I knew I was in for it when I wasn't allowed inside. Mom went in and a couple of minutes later she came out with the shampoo. I was devastated. It wasn't just that I had to get a bath, it was also that it was outside with the hose! I kept trying to get away, but it was not working. I thought I smelled nice, but she said I was a stinky dog. Humans! They sure don't know what smells good!
Mom's not mad anymore and I've forgiven her for the bath. All is well. :)


  1. Hi Zoey,

    Sagira sent me and my Mommy over to say hello. Sagira is a good friend and I sure whould like to be your friend too!!

    I am a rescued wirehair hair dachshund. I see you have meet some of my friends already. I'll be back. Comem over & visit sometime. I added myself as a follower if that's OK


  2. It sounds like you were having lots of fun until the bath time came around!! I don't know what's wrong with peoples that they can't enjoy a good smell. They always want to wash it off of us. Lots of love, Holly and mom

  3. Hi Zoey! I came over from Sagira's blog. Anyway, you need to put pictures up of yourself in the bath. My brother Knuckles and I have a competition to see who is less ridiculous looking in the bath ahahah!


  4. hello zoey its dennis the vizsla dog hay we ar frends of sagiras too!!! sorry to heer abowt yore bath hyoomans hav sum sort of water obseshun yoo wood think they wer seels or sumthing!!! ok bye

  5. Hello Zoey, Sagira told me about you so I ventured over to see you. Oh no, not the bath trick...humans are very good at that one!

  6. Hi Zoey! Welcome to the blogging world! Sagira sent us over here and we see that Sagira's dad took your header photo! Very cool!

  7. Hey Zoey...I'm coming from Sagira's blog too and it is wonderful to meet you. I hopes you would likes to be furiends.
    I haves to agrre with withs Sonic....we need piktures. It's just too much fun to see da torture other doggies endure....hehehehe! Oh and I might ned to clue you in on a can nevers really pay me any attention cuz I am a wild one...hehehehe!

  8. Those humans just do not understand our perfume selection, do they?

  9. Hi, Zoey!
    Humans don't have a good sense of smell, right?
    I love baths... but... outside and with a hose??
    Kisses and hugs

  10. I heard about this and heard that Ripley had to get a bath too. haha.